Local Moving

photo_local1.jpgC & J Moving knows that a local move can be an exciting, yet sometimes unsettling experience. However, with  us doing the heavy work, there is nothing to it!

We would like to help you understand the way local moving charges are determined. We want to help you get an accurate estimate so there are no surprises on your move day.  

Local Moving Extras

One of the best extras we offer at no additional charge is the free use of our clothing garment boxes (wardrobe boxes). We bring them into your residence on moving day at the beginning of your move, youpackyour hanging garments in them from your closets and we move them along with your furnishings and other belongings.  At your new residence we will bring them to each closet area and you unpack them and we take them away! It's much easier than you moving your hanging clothes / garments in the backseat or trunk of your personal vehicle, and it's a real time saver and keeps your garments clean and neat!

Local Move Tips For Refrigerators & Freezers

Moving refrigerators and freezers is an essential part of any move. Here are some tips to ensure that these appliances are prepared properly on moving day.

Most refrigerators need the refrigerated storage area to be emptied for ease of moving, so you should plan on packing the refrigerated section of your refrigerator into an ice chest (or two) on moving day just before we remove it from your residence. However, the freezer section of most refrigerators can remain packed with your frozen goods while we move them.

Also, your stand-alone and tub freezer may usually be moved with everything left inside! We typically will load refrigerators and freezers towards the end of the loading process. This way they only remain unplugged typically for one or two hours because they will be unloaded first at your new residence and plugged in soon after placement.

Disconnecting/Reconnecting Connections On Appliances

Concerning electrical and plumbing connections, you need to ensure that any water lines and electrical power cords are disconnected before we move your appliances, including washers & dryers (gas connections are common on clothing dryers and stoves), ovens/stoves, water line connections on clothes washers and refrigerators and electrical power cords on all general appliances. Obviously, you can disconnect these right before we move your appliances on moving day because you naturally will be using appliances in your everyday life right up to that day. Because we are not licensed plumbers / handymen, we cannot disconnect or reconnect any connections on appliances.

Local Packing Tips

Another great tip for local moving is to have everything that needs packing / boxing ready & packed when we show up (if you are packaging things yourself). When packing cartons / boxes, please use plenty of good plastic box tape to seal the bottoms and tops of your moving boxes.  Open-top boxes  should be avoided if possible; nothing can be safely stacked on these open-top boxes and items can easily fall out and be lost and/or damaged! So, if at all possible, please seal all your boxes completely.

Also, when packing boxes, it is best when boxes are filled completely to the top and any open spaces are filled with crumpled newspaper or packing paper you may have purchased for packing glasswares, etc.  This helps when we stack cartons on each other to dolly out of your residence and ensures the weight of other cartons doesn't crush cartons below them (especially with books). Any open space left in the top of a carton usually makes for a quick failure in the cardboard's top and sidewall structural integrity when weight is put on top of it.

Local Tips For Moving Plants

Moving live plants is by all means 'business as usual' with us. There are a few items of concern, however. Please do not water your plants for several days before your scheduled move if possible. This can be messy on our trucks if we have leaking plant pots in the van and this typically ruins our equipment (floors, pads) and possibly damages your other household items. Secondly, we cannot move plants that have infestations of insects (namely ants).  They will spread throughout the van and get into your goods and our equipment. Third, we cannot move live plants in pots / containers that are decaying (old terra cotta pots with visible hairline cracks and chips, decaying oak barrel planters with planks separating / metal bands loose around barrel / bottoms falling out). These containers will typically not make it in one piece into our truck during the loading process, or out of our truck at your destination and again can be messy.

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