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Subject: C & J Movers in Sacramento, CA

I write to you to compliment C & J movers in Sacrament for the dual move I had to make first for household articles from my old house to storage and then from storage to our new home.

Chuck the owner and his assistants are so reliable and professional that my wife and I have been truly amazed. Inspite of rain on the day of the move, Chuck and his team showed up early and finished ahead of schedule. All my articles were neatly stacked in the storage site - something even I would have found difficult to do.

On the 2nd move, Chuck suggested that I could merely go about my work after opening the storage site and they could bring my stuff to the new house. What I gained that day was the first effortless move I have ever had, having moved overseas and locally as well. I respect them for this.

Chuck and his team are to be commended for this effort. Their prices are reasonable and well worth it.

I wish the American Movers in the area and the Movers Association to look to C & J movers as a role model to emulate.

Robert Selvam

Dear Chuck and Jaime:

I've been longing to write to let you know that your acts of professional expertise, consideration, and the services rendered from my initial phone contact, throughout the entire moving process, (including Your men), were superb, in every way.

My slothfulness was due to the fact that, I wanted to let the BBB, CPUC, and others, know of the great work, and how satisfied I was, in every way, but I didn't know how, or whom to contact, to ask them to include these references & commendations, so others, will know the way you all do business, so PROFESSIONALLY.

Enclosed, see a copy of a letter I'm sending to the BBB, to see if they will include my most profound satisfaction.

I was trying to move from Sacramento, to Alameda County but, Richmond was as close as I could get, so I had to live here for a year, (which is almost over), and I regret having to start another search for movers.

My daughter asked me why I don't use you all, and I told her you all are way up there in the Sacramento area. I wish you all did have an office in this area, so I wouldn't have to look further. Do you all have any recommendations for someone on this end? Thanks for Everything. Please, continue the good work.

Most Sincere,
Fannie Ray

To Whom Concerned:

This probably seems to be rather delayed information yet, it's still very good info which I felt the need to express to you all but, was unable to find a mailing address, because all of my contact was done by telephone, to CPUC.

Near the end of last year while living in Sacramento, I contacted CPUC ... for references about several moving companies, because I was planning to move to the Bay Area.

They gave me info on several, and most, left me uncomfortable in trusting them to move my household goods anyplace.

I contacted and chose this "family owned," company, who pleased me, In Every Way.
They are:

LINCOLN, CA. 95648-2729 T-191018 (916) 434 - 1449

They were "MOST PROFESSIONAL, IN EVERY WAY," from initial contact, though the entire moving process, and I've given High Praises, about them, to family & friends.

They have lots of larger boxes, containers, etc, to place smaller boxes inside, thus, saving time for everyone.

I'm writing this, hoping you will tell CPUC, and keep this in your files, for future references for others who are looking FOR REAL PROFESSIONAL MOVERS.
For your consideration, I thank you.

Sincerely Appreciative,
Fannie Ray

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